how does the hybridwork

Electric assistance

Electric motor assistance can be turned on or off at any time while riding. It is not a substitute for footwork, it is only a riding aid, so you can easily climb hills, ride longer distances without fatigue and reach your destination faster. The speed at which the bicycle moves depends on the force of pedaling and the degree of assistance, when the brake is pressed or pedaling ceases, the assistance is turned off. The maximum speed that can be achieved with assisted riding is 25 km/h. It is regulated with the provisions of law.

Rear wheel drive

An optimal solution, a middle price range. The drive "pushes" the bike so that the rider feels safer and has a sense of greater control.

Central drive

The most expensive solution, the weight is distributed in the middle which is the advantage but the price is a huge disadvantage.

Hub drive

It is the cheapest solution but not the best one. The cyclist has the impression that the bike is pulling him. The solution can also be dangerous due to the loading of the front wheel with the engine weight.


Another essential part of a hybrid bike is the battery. The distance that can be traveled without recharging the battery depends on the mode of use of the drive and the capacity of the battery. A bicycle equipped with a 10.4Ah battery can travel 60-70km with assistance, and when it comes to a 13Ah battery, the distance is extended to 80-90km.

Bike with a battery on the rack

The battery on the rack is unobtrusive but the center of gravity is shifted to the rear of the bike.

Bike with a battery on the frame

The battery on the frame keeps the weight distributed in the center of the bike.

Ładowanie baterii

The battery can be charged in two ways. It takes 4-6 hours for the battery to be fully charged, depending on the degree of discharge. When the green diode on the charger lights up, it means that the battery is charged.

Bike connected to the socket

Connect it to the power supply without removing it from the bicycle.

Battery removed from the bicycle and connected to the power supply

Disassemble it from the bike and move it to any place where it will be charged. (The advantage of Overfly is that it is easy and quick to remove the battery, so the battery can be moved and charged anywhere).

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