Overfly is the fastest growing brand of power assist bicycles in Poland. We have 25 years’ experience on the market of power tools service. Taking advantage of the experience, we decided to start cooperation with one of China’s biggest producers of electric bicycles. Travelling throughout the world, we’ve seen how dynamically the power assist bicycles market develops in countries such as, among others, Germany, Czech Republic, Norway, United Arab Emirates. Why not at our place, Poland?
Throughout next seasons of intense work, our brand became a defining feature of electric and hybrid bicycles available for all. We own around 100 electric bikes’ sale points in the whole of Poland. Our electric bikes are awarded at the largest bicycle fair in Poland: Bike Expo in Kielce. 2018: design award – Rapid model; 2019: technical innovation award – Gravel bike from the Rapid series.

We want for the hybrid bicycle to become a popular transportation means not only in big cities but also in towns and villages. The electric assist bicycle is a great alternative to the car. Not only does it allow for the swift bypassing of traffic jams but it also provides the opportunity of long trips out of the city. Feel pleasure thanks to the hybrid!

We have our own service and storage site of around 5,000 square meters. We know very well that the heart of the electric bicycle with power assist is the adequate battery. All the storage batteries of the Overfly electric bicycles are made in Poland on our automatic production line.

Overfly is, first and foremost, a well-knit team of people. The bike is our lifestyle. Our work is at the same time our passion. We know almost everything about hybrid and electric bicycles. We try our best to respond as fast as possible to your questions and doubts. Reach out to us at biuro@overflybike.pl

Have a pleasant ride and a safe trip.
Overflybike Team 🙂

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